Dr. Aziza Eldarrat




Dr. Aziza Eldarrat



Prof. Eldarrat holds her PhD degree from Leeds Dental Institute, University of Leeds, UK and received her MSc degree from Al-Arab Medical University and her BDS degree from Garyounis University in Libya.  She is the winner of many international awards such as Peter Wilson Prize and Gold Medal award of Excellence in Research from University of Leeds in the UK; Best Research Project Award of FDI Annual World Dental Congress, Mexico; Research Grant Award from Emirates Foundation for Research, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Prof. Eldarrat’s academic teaching experience extends over 15 years, teaching at both undergraduation and postgraduation levels, and her clinical experience over 30 years. Before joining the USTF, Prof. Eldarrat was the head of the research, head of the restorative dentistry and the director of endodontic diploma programme at MBHDUC, Dubai, UAE. Prof. Eldarrat has been actively involved in many research areas, such as sealing ability of obturation materials; diabetes mellitus; ac-impedance spectroscopy of human dentine and the dental applications of ultrasound. Prof. Eldarrat was a co-supervisor of PhD degree, the PhD degree was an international collaboration with College of Dentistry, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. Prof. Eldarrat published book Chapter in Research on Diabetes book, many research articles in international dental journals and presented many research papers in national and international dental conferences. Prof. Eldarrat is a member of several scientific dental societies and a reviewer for many dental journals.



  • Doctorate
    University: Leeds University, Leeds, UK
    Country: UK
    Date of Obtaining degree: 2003
    Major: Dentistry
    Title: An in-vitro study of human dentine using ac-impedance spectroscopy
  • Master
    University: Al Arab University, Benghazi, Libya
    Country: Libya
    Date of Obtaining degree: 1994
    Major: Pharmacology
  • Bachelor
    University: Benghazi, Libya
    Country: Libya
    Date of Obtaining degree: 1982
    • MFDRCSI-Part 1, Dublin, Ireland (2013)
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, 2010


  • Prof. Aziza Eldarrat​Professor of Restorative and Endodontics
  • Office Extension: 092023513
  • Email: a.eldarat@ustf.ac.ae