Dr. Ramadan Ismail



Dr. Ramadan Ismail

Assistant Professor





Dr. Ramadan is an Assistant professor at the department of Sociology and Social Work in USTF. He has been teaching in the social work field at university level since 1995 for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He has published many scientific research in various topics such as people with special needs, the elderly, women, youth, volunteering, major national projects, social work in the field of social defense, development of local communities, ethics of professional practice in social work, community health, civil society ... etc.  both individually and as a joint scientific study.

Dr. Ramadan has participated in many local and regional conferences in the field of social work, such as the Regional Conference on National Projects and their Social Role in the Development of Arab Society 2018, the Second Scientific Conference on Seniors in the Arab Family between Regional Constants and Global Variables 2008. He has obtained many awards and certificates of appreciation for his participation.



  • Ph.D. of Philosophy in Social Work, Fayoum University, Egypt
  • Master in in Social Work, Fayoum University, Egypt
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt


  • College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Department of Sociology & Social Work
  • Email: r.ismail@ustf.ac.ae
  • Office Extension: 547