Dr. Shimaa Ezzat Moustafa Basha



Shimaa Ezzat Moustafa Basha

Associate Professor





Dr. Shaima has worked for more than 19 years in three countries' higher education institutions.

Dr. Shaima believes that interpersonal functioning is an integrative nexus for psychology research and practice, bringing together a range of theoretical and empirical methods to the study of adaptive and maladaptive human behavior. This notion leads her study plan, which is extensively inspired and influenced by the interpersonal theory of personality. In all her research activities, she employ an interpersonal approach to incorporate components of trait theories, object-relations theories, attachment theory, social learning theories, and social cognition to synthetically study clinical phenomena.

Dr. Shaima’s research generally uses interpersonal theory and methodologies to personality within clinical psychology. includes:

  1. Personality disorders and alternative notions of aberrant personality.
  2. Clinical and personality evaluation employing the Interpersonal Circumplex and Structural Analysis of Social Behavior.
  3. Personality aspects in psychopathology and treatment.

On of her recent studies focused on novel interpersonal conceptualizations of dependent and narcissistic personalities, interpersonal functioning in anxiety disorders, and their development.



  • SFHEA, (UK)
  • Ph.D. Psychology. Helwan University, Cairo., Egypt.
  • Master’s in psychology: Helwan University, Cairo., Egypt.
  • Bachelor’s in psychology: Helwan University, Cairo., Egypt.


  •    College of Humanities & Sciences
  •    Department of Psychology
  •    Email: s.basha@ustf.ac.ae
  •    Office Extension: 474