College of Law

College of Law


  • Building a scientific and administrative structure capable of activating the knowledge system.
  • Achieving a balance between the academic, social, and economic objectives of the College.
  • Providing scientific advice in the areas of specialization of the College and cooperating in the field of research with the local community
  • Holding conferences, seminars and workshops and preparing effective programs for continuous education
  • Preparing systematic programs for continuous education, competency development and community service
  • Graduating qualified students who are able to obtain knowledge and achieve excellence in their profession
  • Extending bridges of communication and cooperation between the College, external institutions, and scientific research centers regionally and internationally.

Academic Programs Offered

The programs that are offered by the college:

  • Bachelor of Laws

Admission Requirements

  • UAE High School Certificate, Advanced Stream with a minimum score of (75%) or General Stream with a minimum score of (80%), or an equivalent certificate equated by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.Passing the UAE standard test in the English language (EmSAT)
  • with a score of (950) or its equivalent, English language proficiency certificates, for example TOEFL with a score of no less than 450, or IELTS with a score of no less than 4.5, or their equivalent, and passing the standard test in Arabic Language (EmSAT) with a score of (1000)
  • .Passing the personal interview conducted by the college.

Graduation Requirements

  • Students are required to complete a total of 132 credit hours and a minimum of 2.0 GPA out of 4.0.

Career Opportunities

  • The judiciary and public prosecution
  • Lawyer and legal advice
  • Advisor to governmental and private institutions
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Interior