USTF hosted the Pilot Stations initiative in cooperation with the Department of Family Development Centers in Khorfakkan

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020

Under the slogan “Nation, Family,” and as part of a nationwide campaign, the Family Development Center in Fujairah organized on 29 and 30 September two consecutive workshops for USTF’s students to raise their awareness of family development issues.

Presentations at the respective workshops, which were attended by over 80 male and female USTF students, were made by Amna Alzuhuri and Ruqayya Alraisi, two of the social workers affiliated to the Family Development Center. The presentations emphasized the importance of enlightening the new young generations, especially university and college students, about the institution of the family as they themselves will be future parents responsible for maintaining and safeguarding this most important of all social institutions.

At the end of the second workshop, Dr. Asma Ahmed, from the Department of Sociology & Social Work at USTF, expressed gratitude to the workshop organizers for their awareness-raising efforts, and hoped for continued and strengthened ties between USTF and the Family Development Center.