Career Counseling

Helping students get ready for work life via workshops, internships and job placement programs.
  • Support in selecting majors: we assist students when needed in choosing the majors that best suit their personality, strengths, and career choice.
  • Individual Counseling: we conduct one-on-one counseling sessions to help students build and implement their own career plans and develop a greater sense of self-awareness in terms of career development.
  • Group Counseling Sessions: we offer group sessions designed to provide students with support in issues related to career exploration, career development, and other career related issues.
  • Career Workshops: throughout the academic year, we offer a wide range of interactive workshops to equip students with the employability skills needed to integrate the job market. Workshops include:
               - Effective Resume Writing
               - Interview Tips and Advice
               - Job Search Techniques & Strategies
               - Work Ethics
               - Time Management
               - Understanding the Job Market
  • To support newly registered students in choosing their majors.
  • To counsel students and graduates individually or in group sessions.
  • To administer interactive workshops.
  • To direct students to job vacancies and internship opportunities.
  • To liaise with employers.
  • To provide career counseling services to the students and fresh graduates.