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Fujairah Islamic Scientific Academy Campus Visit

The University of Science and Technology of Fujairah (USTF) proudly hosted a three-day campus visit for students from the Fujairah Islamic Scientific Academy (FISA) from January 22nd to January 24th. The event provided 146 students with a firsthand experience of the academic offerings at USTF.


The visit commenced with an informative orientation session led by esteemed faculty members from various colleges within the university. Under the supervision of Dr. Youmna Shaker, the session aimed to equip FISA students with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse academic programs available at USTF.


Following the orientation, students were treated to an engaging tour of USTF's cutting-edge laboratories, with a specific focus on the facilities housed in the College of Engineering and Technology, and College of Dentistry. The tour allowed students to witness firsthand the advanced resources available for their academic pursuits.


In addition to exploring the laboratories, the visiting students were given a comprehensive tour of various facilities across the USTF campus. This included an in-depth look at the university's environment and resources, providing the students with a holistic understanding of the vibrant learning atmosphere within the institution.


This initiative underscores USTF's commitment to fostering meaningful interactions and showcasing the rich educational environment it offers. The university remains dedicated to providing students with exposure to its state-of-the-art facilities and fostering a conducive learning atmosphere.


Special recognition goes to the faculty members who conducted the orientation session, including Dr. Sameh Khamis, Prof. Khalaf Al Mohamad, Dr. Ramadan Ismail, Dr. Hazem Aldabbas, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah, Dr. Mohammed Salahat, Dr. Asmaa Ahmed, Dr. Sherine Badawy, and Dr. Shaimaa Basha. Their expertise and commitment greatly contributed to the success of the campus visit.