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Student Clubs

Student Clubs and Societies

Student Clubs and societies are dedicated to promoting programs, events, and activities that allow students to exercise and develop their skills through practical learning experiences outside the classroom. USTF’s student clubs and societies assist students in matters ranging from establishing and joining student clubs/societies to organizing events and activities. Within the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA), student clubs and societies organize many of the university’s most popular events such as the Global Day, UAE National Day, and many others. These clubs and societies recognize student contributions to extracurricular activities through its various awards, and appreciation functions. Students benefit from multifaceted extracurricular opportunities that complement formal learning and promote their personal, intellectual and talent growth.

The goals of these clubs and societies are to:

  • Encourage student participation in a variety of activities
  • Promote the spirit of cooperation among students, and encourage them to take on responsibility
  • Provide support to new students by advising them and helping them in their new academic life
  • Obtain student input regarding needs and wishes, and pass the information obtained to the DSA
  • Act as a liaison between students and DSA.
  • Meet with DSA members on a regular basis
  • Arrange for “acquaintance” meetings among students in order to break down the barrier between new students and the new academic society
  • Promote study ethics among students and encourage them to abide by the rules and regulations of the University
  • Urge students to abide by the morals, principles, and doctrines required by UAE Society.

In line with the vision and philosophy of the USTF, the DSA arranges a series of developmental, educational, and cultural courses for student leaders, with the aim of improving their performance and developing their leadership skills

  • Policies governing financial control in student-run clubs and societies Details

USTF is the only source of funding for the activities of student clubs and societies through the DSA. Funds are released to student clubs/societies once their event is approved by the DSA and the Office of Finance. The following are guidelines for the usage of funds:

  • Funds can be used for purchase requests for event-related items. Expenses should be incurred in line with the approved event budget.
  • All approved and allocated funds for student clubs/societies are to be spent for the respective club’s/society’s events and development for the current academic year.
  • Expenses incurred by student clubs/societies should be consistent with the nature and purpose of the event.
  • Student clubs/societies should provide a clear and complete explanation for expenses incurred after the event or if expenses are inconsistent with the nature of the event.
  • Each event of clubs/societies will be subject to the audit by USTF internal auditor.

Procedures governing financial control in student-run clubs and societies 

  • The Deanship of Student Affairs submit an annual operational plan along with a detailed budget of all expenditures covering activities of USTF student clubs and societies and their required financial expenses.
  • The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs reviews and approve the annual operational plan of the Deanship of Student Affairs, while the budget of the deanship budget is submitted to the Office of Budget and Planning.
  • The student clubs and societies spent from the approved Deanship of Student Affairs’ budget, and per USTF financial and administrative policies followed and through USTF Microsoft Dynamics.
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs reviews, modifies, and approves the budget for the event, and returns written approval or disapproval to the student clubs/societies.
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs informs the student clubs/societies about the budgetary approval and discusses the implementation phase.
  • After the implementation of the event, student clubs/societies are required to submit a completed post-event report along with receipts of all expenditures and excess cash, if any. The deanship of Student Affairs will deposit the excess cash to the Office of Finance. Student clubs/societies should always provide original, printed, receipts. Student clubs/societies must submit the post-event report within two working days after the event. Subsequent fund requests will not be processed unless the required post-event report is submitted to the office of finance through the Deanship of Student Affairs.