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Personal Counseling

The Student Counseling Office services at the University of Science and Technology in Fujairah provide a variety of support and counseling services to help students achieve the greatest degree of mental health and stability in all aspects of their academic, psychological, and social lives.

One of the most important objectives of the services of the Student Guidance Office is to support and enhance the comprehensive development of students, overcome difficulties, and ensure their academic progress. The services of the Student Guidance Office contribute to enriching and enhancing the student experience at the University of Science and Technology in Fujairah. The Student Guidance Office is keen to solve educational or personal issues, workshops, and campaigns Indicative.

The Student Guidance Office provides the opportunity for students to discuss issues, problems in relationships, family conflicts, dealing with health problems, managing time, stress, and pressure. It also provides the necessary support and support for students of determination to help them reach their full potential.

The Student Guidance Office is available to provide advice to students, considering privacy and complete confidentiality, indirect and face-to-face sessions inside the office, and students can communicate directly with the Student Guidance Office to determine the appropriate dates for the sessions. Cooperating with external parties and providing awareness and educational workshops and seminars for students, such as (security and safety workshops).