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Health Services

Health Clinic 

  •  Mission

The University Health Clinic seeks to complement the academic mission of USTF and is dedicated to providing educational, supportive, consultative healthcare services to students, staff, and faculty. In doing so, the Health Clinic strives to make the campus a healthy and safe place to study, work and live.

  •  Objectives

The objectives of the University Health Clinic are to:

  1. Provide primary healthcare to students, college, and staff.
  2. Provide emergency healthcare to Residential Hall and campus residents during working hours.
  3. Support the integration of university services and provide a healthy atmosphere to accomplish the university objective of a disease-free community.
  4. Provide high quality integrated health services in a timely manner to generate complete customer satisfaction
  • Health Services

The Office of Medical Services provides the following primary healthcare, within available capabilities, through its Health Clinic:

  1. General Clinic: primary healthcare, treatment, preventative medicine and health education on common diseases through the nurse to the university community.
  2. Nursing: comprehensive nursing care and services, including routine and emergency cases, recording patient details and providing treatment.
  3. Reception: receiving patients, preparing the patient files and records, recording personal data, preparing daily, monthly and annual statistics.
  4. Referral System: referring urgent cases to hospital specialists.
  5. Following up: chronic cases and coordinating referrals to hospital specialists if necessary.
  • Contact No.  092023690