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Innovation in Entrepreneurship High School Competitions 2024


It is our pleasure at USTF College of Business Administration to invite high school students to participate in the "Innovation in Entrepreneurship High School Competitions 2024.

The competition's objectives stem from the university's aim to encourage research and innovation culture in schools, universities, as well as the national entrepreneurship plan.


Judging Criteria

  • Originality: The uniqueness and distinctiveness of the innovations, indicating whether they stand out from existing solutions in the field.
  • Applicability: Practicality and relevance of the concepts, whether they can be realistically implemented to solve real-world issues or have practical utility.
  • Innovation: The extent to which the proposed solutions demonstrate novel and creative approaches to solving problems or addressing challenges.



Registration deadline: 17/02/2024.
Participating student(s) need to submit an abstract either by a single student or team of maximum three students.

Event Date: 27/02/2024.
Check-in: 09:00 AM, then the Welcome session starts at 10:00 AM for 30 minutes. Judges will tour between projects at 10:30 AM for two hours. Announcement of winners will be at 01:30 PM

Note: Participating students need to prepare and print an A1 poster and be next to your poster so the judging panel will be able to discuss with you the idea of your project.

To register, use the link (HERE)


For further inquiries

Dr. Hazem Aldabbas

Tarek Shahin