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Other Services

Copy Centers

Retail outlets on the campus meet student needs for stationery, books in Arabic and other languages, software facilities, photocopy, printing and binding. Students may also purchase prescribed textbooks for all fields of specialization at reasonable prices. The DSA monitors the quality of services and coordinates with the Copying Centers to solve any problems that may arise. The DSA makes every effort to ensure that books and notes are delivered promptly.


Other Services

The Office of University Facilities is responsible for examining the standard of other student services, for example restaurants, mosques, maintenance, cleanliness and security on campus. With regards to restaurants, the DSA ensures that they are operating in accordance with required health standards. Mosques are kept clean and safe. The Office also checks the cleanliness and maintenance of lecture halls and deals with any problems that may arise. It also coordinates with the university’s security staff to ensure appropriate handling of any problems. Finally, the Office of University Facilities designs questionnaires to assess the standard of services provided and recommends improvements.

  • Cafeterias and Restaurants (Dining Services):

The University provides cafeterias and restaurants by signing a contract with a third party which is well known catering company, offering a variety of meals and beverages. Separate areas are provided for male and female students. Prices are set according to the choice of meals and are kept at a reasonable level.

  • Bookshops:

A bookshop sells books and stationery in courses that have no Electronic Books. It also provides photocopy services. Recently, the University made a real leap to use Electronic Books which takes time for adaptation.

  • Pray Rooms:

The University has conveniently-located prayer rooms with facilities for male and female students.

  • Shops:

There are shops on male and female sides as well as in student hostels to supply everyday items. Weekday and weekend opening hours are displayed on the shop fronts.