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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Liaqat Ali

Associate Professor

College of Engineering and Technology





EDSML – Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, 2012

PhD - Information Systems, 2008
University of East London, UK

PGCERT - Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, 2007
University of East London, UK

PGCERT - Post Graduate Certificate in Research, 2007
University of East London, UK

MSc - Information Technology, 2005
University of East London, UK

B.A (Hons)- Computer Technology, 1997
University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Employment History

Associate Professor, 2018 - Present

University of Science and Technology of Fujairah, UAE

Associate Professor, 2016 - 2017

AMA International University, Bahrain

Associate Professor, 2012 - 2016

London College of Business, UK

Principal Lecturer, 2010 - 2011

Cromwell College of IT and Management, UK

Lecturer, 2005 - 2011

University of East London, UK

Academic Experience

Job Rank Place & Address of Work Date
Associate Professor
University of Science and Technology of Fujairah
2018 - Present
Associate Professor
AMA International University
2016 - 2017
Associate Professor
London College of Business
2012 - 2016
Principal Lecturer
Cromwell College of IT and Management
2010 - 2011
University of East London
2005 - 2011

Research Areas & Interests

  • Dr. Ali's principal research area for several years has been in the field of IS, e-accessibility and web development, cyber-crimes, and business information systems. His research activities cover e-accessibility, web development, cybercrimes, computer security, business information systems, and management information systems. Dr. Ali has successfully supervised 125 postgraduate theses in the UK in addition to undergraduate projects in both the UK and UAE.

The Journal Publications in the Last Five Years

Articles (Selected)

  • Liaqat Ali & Bilal Ahmed (2023) Peristaltic mechanism in an inclined asymmetric channel soaked with porous media and under magnetic effects: numerical simulation equipped with finite element method, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 37:15, 1235-1257, DOI: 10.1080/09205071.2023.2230494

  • M. Salahat, L. Ali, T. M. Ghazal and H. M. Alzoubi, "Personality assessment based on natural stream of thoughts empowered with machine learning," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 76, no.1, pp. 1–17, 2023, available at https://www.techscience.com/cmc/v76n1/53057

  • L. Ali, S. E. A. Alnawayseh, M. Salahat, T. M. Ghazal, M. A. A. Tomh et al., "AI-based intelligent model to predict epidemics using machine learning technique," Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, vol. 36, no.1, pp. 1095–1104, 2023. Available at https://www.techscience.com/iasc/v36n1/49991

  • Liaqat Ali and Nidal Abidal Hamid Hmoud Al Dmour, "The Shift to Online Assessment Due to COVID-19: An Empirical Study of University Students, Behaviour and Performance, in the Region of UAE," International Journal of Information and Education Technology vol. 11, no. 5, pp. 220-228, 2021, available at http://www.ijiet.org/show-155-1772-1.html

  • Dmour, N., Dmour, H., and Ali, L. (2020) OFDM PERFORMANCE WITH TWO-RAY MULTIPATH FADING MODEL USING INET FRAMEWORK SIMULATION, International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering, Volume 9, No.5, September - October 2020, ISSN 2278-3091, Available Online at http://www.warse.org/IJATCSE/static/pdf/file/ijatcse306952020.pdf , https://doi.org/10.30534/ijatcse/2020/306952020

  • Liaqat Ali, "Accessible Websites for Everyone — A Case of UAE Universities Websites," International Journal of Information and Education Technology vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 164-170, 2021. http://www.ijiet.org/show-152-1758-1.html

  • Liaqat Ali, "The Shift to Online Education Paradigm due to COVID-19: A Study of Student’s Behavior in UAE Universities Environment," International Journal of Information and Education Technology vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 131-136, 2021, available at http://www.ijiet.org/show-151-1752-1.html

  • Ali, L. (2019) Cyber Crimes – A constant threat for the business sectors and its growth (A study of online banking sectors in GCC) The Journal of Developing Areas, Tennessee State University College of Business, Volume 53, Number 1, winter 2019, project MUSE, doi:10.1353/jda.2019.0016, available at https://muse.jhu.edu/article/702376

  • Ali, L. (2018) The Influence of Information Technology on Student’s Behavioural Nature in the Class Room, Asian Journal of Education and Training, Vol. 4, No. 2, 102-107, 2018 ISSN (E) 2519-5387 DOI: 10.20448/journal.522.2018.42.102.107, https://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ1172086

  • Ali, L. (2018) The Design of Curriculum, Assessment, and Evaluation in Higher Education with Constructive Alignment, Journal of Education and e-Learning Research, Vol. 5, No. 1, 72-78, 2018, ISSN (E) 2410-9991 / ISSN (P) 2518-0169. DOI: 10.20448/journal.509.2018.51.72.78, https://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ1173088