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The University of Science and Technology of Fujairah recognizes the students at the Royal English Private School in Fujairah for their Achievements in Research and Innovation.

Thursday, May 09, 2024

His Excellency Prof. Ali Abouelnour, Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology of Fujairah (USTF) recently recognized the students at the Royal English Private School in Fujairah for their significant achievements in research. These students have showcased exceptional academic prowess by presenting their scientific works at prestigious international forums and having their research papers published in respected international journals.

During the ceremony, His Excellency highlighted USTF's dedication to fostering scientific research and innovation across educational institutions. He commended the Royal English Private School students for their impressive research accomplishments and underscored the university’s commitment to cultivating a culture of innovation and scientific inquiry among young scholars. The Chancellor expressed pride in honoring these young individuals for their notable contributions to their fields.

Among the celebrated students was Fatima Zara, who under the guidance of Dr. Youmna Shaker from the USTF College of Engineering and Technology, presented a paper titled “Simulated Learning: Integrating Virtual Reality as a VLE with Education of Disabled Students and its Potential and Procedures” at the International Conference on Multidisciplinary Current Educational Research (ICMCER-2024). Her research delves into the innovative application of virtual reality technology to enhance learning experiences for students with disabilities, offering insights into inclusive educational practices.

Another distinguished student, Tanvi Jane, also guided by Dr. Youmna Shaker, explored the use of artificial intelligence in combating invasive fish species. Her paper, “An evolving study on applying AI measures against invasive fish,” was presented at the conference on “Environmental Design, Materials Science, and Engineering Technology” at Abu Dhabi University. Tanvi’s work contributes to environmental conservation efforts by proposing AI-driven solutions to address the challenges posed by invasive aquatic species.

The recognition of Fatima Zara, Tanvi Jane, and their peers’ forms part of USTF’s initiatives to enhance research skills among school students, aligning with the national strategies, agendas, and initiatives of the United Arab Emirates. This effort reflects the university's commitment to instilling a scientific research methodology in students from an early age, preparing them to actively contribute to the nation’s development plans

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