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Dean's Message

On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students, welcome to the College of Dentistry University of Science and Technology of Fujairah. As dean of the college, I'm extremely proud of the rich tradition of providing clinical experience-based dental education that our college has upheld since its founding.

Our accredited BDS program prepare our students to become knowledgeable and highly skilled dental practitioners, including direct exposure to the latest technologies of the field with emphasize on the moral and intellectual depth of the profession. Located in the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates, the University of Science and Technology of Fujairah offers unique opportunities for our students to engage with local and the international communities. On the other hand, our active research plans and funding are among the priorities that USTF provide for all the affiliates.

Prof. Tamer Abdelbari Hassan

Dean College of Dentistry

Faculty and Staff

Faisal Ali Balooch

Teaching Assistant

Email: f.baloch@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023663

Vinoba Soundar Murugesan Savarimalai

Dental Technician

Email: v.Savarimalai@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023606

Dhanya Muralidharan Nair

Dental Nurse

Email: d.nair@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023511

Sini John Enchanattil Asthapan

Dental Nurse

Email: s.john@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023511

Gayathri Paul Jose

Dental Nurse

Email: g.jose@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023511

Omelkhair Hachlaf

College Secretary

Email: o.hashlaf@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023501

Shameema Karimpil Nasar

Radiography Technologist

Email: s.nasar@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023511

Karen Sotes

Dental Nurse

Email: k.stoes@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023511

Riza Quiatchon Salazar

Dental Nurse

Email: r.salazar@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023511

Ahmed Taleb

Teaching Assistant

Email: a.taleb@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023663

Dr. Tamer Abd El Bari

Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Email: t_hassan@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97192023500

Mustafa Ibrahim Hasan Aldalleh

Dental Technician

Email: m.aldalleh@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: 97192023506

Samah Fayez Taleb

Teaching Assistant

Email: s.taleb@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97192023608

Dr. Nabeel Ayappali Kalluvalappil

Lecturer, Oral Medicine, and Dental Radiology

Email: n.kalluvalappil@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971504614791

Dr. Karthi Kumar Murari

Lecturer and Prosthodontist

Email: k.murari@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97192023513

Dr. Sherine Badawy

Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry

Email: s.badawy@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971509011398

Dr. Ambreen Rehman

Assistant Professor

Email: a.rehman@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971525344742

Dr. Ye Wint Oo

Assistant Professor of Physiology and Anatomy

Email: y.wint@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97192222644

Prof. Asmaa Youssif Harhash

Professor of Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry

Email: a.harhash@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971563371775

Dr. Aziza Eldarrat

Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

Email: a.eldarat@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97192023513