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Dean's Message

The College of Humanities and Sciences (CHS) at the University of Science and Technology of Fujairah (USTF) welcomes you and wishes you an enjoyable and fruitful university study full of achievements on both personal and professional levels.
The adequacy of resources enabled the CHS to obtain the initial accreditation of the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) at the Ministry of Education (MOE) in July 2019 to offer three distinguished academic programs that satisfy the needs of students, parents, and job market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the region.
The CAA-accredited academic programs accreditation offered by the CHS are Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology and Social Work, and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Relations and Advertising. These programs provide the students studying in the College with theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for a qualified graduate who is capable of competition after graduation.
The College's academic programs provide an excellent and stimulating learning environment for students. The BA programs in psychology, society and social work, and public relations and advertising prepare students to become experts in their fields and ready for practice once graduated. The College students learn critical thinking, problem solving, and team-working to be socially responsible and mature individuals capable of take leading roles in community engagement and serving their university and professions.
The CHS strongly believes in applying learning competencies to practical problems, where theory and practice are combined to deliver viable solutions. The CHS is passionate about helping students to learn about the realities of life and society and providing them with the knowledge and skills required for their job requirements.
The CHS has capable faculty, teaching assistants, and staff from different countries, brought with them a long working experience in reputable higher education institutions before joining the College. They are also familiar with the deep-rooted values and traditions of the United Arab Emirates and the Arab region. Moreover, they also carry an international experience in administration, teaching, and research. The CHS faculty members and teaching assistants are active researchers publishing in distinguished international journals and participating in reputable international conferences.
You are welcome to take part in the activities and initiatives organized by CHS and contribute to enriching University life by your active participation during your study period. CHS is dedicated to serving all students to achieve success and forward together we can make USTF one of the world-ranked universities.

Dr. Faisal Al Matalka

Acting Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Faisal Al Matalka

Dean College of Humanities and Sciences

Email: f.almatalka@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971525669699

Prof. Zeinelabidin Elsayed Ahmed Rizk

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Email: zrizk@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971504625707

Dr. Ramadan Ismail

Assistant professor

Email: r.ismail@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97192023547

Prof. Dr. Sayed Ahmad Elwakeel

Professor of Clinical Psychology. Faculty of Humanities & Sciences. University of Science and Technology of Fujairah

Email: s.elwakeel@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971501595079

Dr. Asma Ahmed

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Email: asmaa.ahmed@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971562855219

Dr. Elsayed Abdelrahman

Assistant professor

Email: elsayed.m@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971563665341

Dr. Sameh Khamis El Sayed Ismaiel

Assistant Professor - Director of the Admission and Registration Office

Email: s.khamis@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97192023425

Dr. Bilal Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Email: b.ahmed@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971529404067

Dr. Ahmed AlRadaideh

General Studies Coordinator- Statistics Lecturer

Email: a.alradaideh@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +97150124707

Dr. Shimaa Ezzat Moustafa Basha

Associate Professor

Email: s.basha@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971508784819

Dr.Khalid Khalaf Alla Suliman

Assistant Professor

Email: k.khogali@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971503659638