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Dean's Message

The Law College is keen on providing distinguished legal education for its students in accordance with the latest tools, techniques, and scientific research methods and diversity in activities to achieve the university's vision and mission in order to provide highly qualified graduates to work in the field of legal work according to a system of basic values ​​that enables them to do work after training them in theory and practice according to a well-developed and sophisticated study plan.
In addition to an annual implementation plan that provides them with the required capabilities, depending on the latest scientific and educational methods prescribed by the Academic Accreditation Commission in the country, the college operates according to a future outlook that explores developments, needs, and developments of legal work through a commitment to apply the latest quality standards. The College is keen to develop the performance of its faculty members continuously by urging them to follow the latest educational methods in teaching and encouraging them to inherent scientific research and participate in conferences at the local and international levels.
Believing in the community’s role in education, the college continuously communicates with law enforcement agencies, including public and civil society organizations. One of the goals of the nearby college that the college seeks is to offer two master’s programs according to the latest study plans

Dr. Issa Ghassan Rabadi

Acting Dean, College of Law

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Issa Ghassan Rabadi

Associate Professor of Civil Law and Dean of the College of Law

Email: i.rabadi@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971507896325

Prof. Khalaf Mohamed


Email: k.almohmed@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971525669699

Dr. Ameen Abdo Mohammed Dahmash

Associate Professor

Email: a.mohamad@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971502074887, +971554424247

Dr. Mohammed Hasson Abdullah Ali

Assistant Professor in Civil Law

Email: mohd.abdullah@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971509450653