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Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Technology (CET). The college aims at providing cutting-edge engineering and technology education in various specialization fields. At CET,

we provide an educational environment that enables our students to engage in active learning to gain the skills and knowledge needed for a successful professional career. In order to develop students with creative minds and high levels of professional skills, we adopt student-centered teaching and learning methodologies focusing on academic rigor as well as hands-on practice using cutting-edge facilities.
At CET we provide a vibrant and unique experience through highly advanced and market-oriented programs. We are offering B.Sc. programs in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Information Systems, and Interior Design.

Our programs are all accredited by the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Furthermore, and to meet the challenges of a fast-changing engineering and technology job market in today’s knowledge-based economies, all our programs include internship periods to prepare students for immediate employment upon graduation.
CET has a team of outstanding faculty and staff who provide all possible support to our students and help them to achieve their educational objectives and to contribute to the sustainable development of the UAE, the region, and the world.

CET has also a diverse student body and faculty, whom we consider a key element in our endeavor toward achieving inclusiveness and excellence. Once again, I welcome you to the CET in USTF and invite you to be a proud member of this ever-growing family.


Prof. Mulhim Al Doori

Acting Dean
College of Engineering and Technology.