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Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness

About us

About us

The process of Institutional Effectiveness demonstrates how well an institution succeeds in achieving its objectives, goals, and mission. The mission statement, goals and objectives of all academics, administrative and support units are derived from the University mission statement, goals and objectives. The program effectiveness and learning outcomes and the objectives of the administrative and support units are assessed to determine the extent to which they are achieved in an academic year. The assessment results obtained are used as the bases for making changes for continuous improvements using assessment results for closing the loop across all academic and non-academic units in the University.


The OIPE shall establish a world-class system of assessment, continuous improvement, and evidence-based planning and budgeting at USTF, making significant contribution towards achieving the mission of the University.


The Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (OIPE) shall collect, analyze, and disseminate authentic institutional data. It shall support the University management in making evidence-based decisions, effective planning, and efficient utilization of resources. The office is responsible for providing leadership in developing and overseeing assessment and evaluation processes to enhance the effectiveness of academic programs, support services, and administrative operations. The OIPE shall continually enhance the quality of institutional documents and assist colleges in the accreditation of their academic programs.


  1. Improve the process of collecting, organizing, and disseminating institutional data to become the sole provider of reliable and authentic institutional data.
  2. Prepare effectiveness reports based on the analysis of institutional data and suggest actions to help achieve the strategic goals.
  3. Establish a culture of evidence-based assessment, evaluation, and continuous improvement for all academic and non-academic units in the University.
  4. Revise and update thoroughly University documents to make them consistent and compliant with CAA standards.
  5. Improve substantially the quality of documents prepared for initial accreditation and re-accreditation, as well as response reports submitted to the CAA.
  6. Assist in improving the QS ranking of USTF.
  7. Organize assessment workshops for both academic and non-academic units in order to enhance the understanding of new processes for continuous quality improvement and closing the loop.
  8. Make evidence-based recommendations to higher management, deans, and line managers for continuous quality enhancement.




The Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (OIPE) serves the University strategic mission by providing quality data and consistent information to University governance, colleges, offices and the campus community. The Office contribute to the continuous improvement of quality educational programs, and support effective decision-making in the area of institutional research & effectiveness, accreditation and assessment.

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Einas Awad

Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Supervisor

Phone EXT: 538